19 January 2022,   00:21
We should begin the movement of overall national resistance from January – Giorgi Vashadze

Georgian Dream is in difficult condition. The international pressure has acquired new standards and quality. Such a statement Giorgi Vashadze, the Leader of New Georgia Party, made after the fourth round of negotiations between the ruling team and the opposition.

According to Vashadze, society demanded transformation onto the proportional system of elections fully for the 2020 parliamentary polls.

“The public demands that all forces are represented in the parliament proportionally rather than bargaining by someone who has more seats in the parliament and who has less. The response of the ruling party was inadequate. My point of view is to begin the movement of overall national resistance starting January. Georgian Dream has to see the Judgment Day for all inadequate responses that it makes in satisfaction of being in power”, - concluded Vashadze.