18 August 2022,   12:25
Tbilisi City Assembly approved budget for 2020

Sakrebulo of Tbilisi approved the city budget for 2020 today. Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze presented the draft-document to the Sakrebulo members.

The amount of 2020 Tbilisi budget is 1 billion and 21 million GEL. The 317 million are allocated for social needs, 430 million – for infrastructure projects.

According to opposition, the budget for social projects and transport infrastructure is decreased. In protest they did not support the document.

As Kakha Kaladze said, the budget of next year reached a historic milestone.

“Tbilisi has never had such a big budget. We will focus on two main areas - infrastructure/public amenities and health/social needs. Needless to say, the transport policy remains a top priority. The 2020 city budget does not serve the interests of Tbilisi residents”, - said the Mayor.