04 December 2021,   22:57
Minister of Internal Affairs attended presentation of the report on implemented and ongoing reforms of Emergency Situations Management Service

Minister of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri attended the presentation of the report on implemented and ongoing reforms within the Emergency Situations Management Service.

At the meeting, the Supervision Department along with the Department for Strategic Planning and Technological Development, presented novelties that have been implemented in the Emergency Situations Management Service.

Within the frames of the reform, the staff of the Supervision Department was increased by 100%, the car fleet has also been renewed, while new modern technologies and e-services have been introduced. The mentioned changes enabled the service to increase the effectiveness of preventive activities.

The Department of Strategic Planning and Technological Development is working on the implementation and active use of latest technologies in the agency on the regular basis. An interactive map has been created that allows remote monitoring of emergency situation sites throughout Georgia. On the map strategic facilities are marked as well as the location of fire hydrants, water reservoirs locations and all the necessary information to simplify fire-rescue operations. It is also notable that means of communication were updated within the frames of the reform. One of the important directions is the introduction of work with unmanned aerial vehicles, both in the monitoring process and fire-rescue operations. Herewith, the department has developed a program for statistics, providing accurate gathering of information, allowing analysis-based planning and operations to be performed.

Gomelauri positively assessed the reforms implemented in the Emergency Situations Management Service and expressed his gratitude towards the head of the Service- Temur Mgebrishvili and staff for their work.