09 December 2021,   11:52
It is unthinkable to request such a thing from the country"s independent institutions – Giorgi Gakharia

The Prime Minister of Georgia said that placement of the ruling party and the opposition March 8 election agreement at any risk is absolutely unacceptable, responding to the opposition’s allegations that the Georgian Dream ruling party refuses to fully abide by the agreement. 

“I have the greatest respect for the institutions in this country; I was always of the opinion that putting forward such demands constitutes an insult to the institutions. I would like to emphasize and confirm once again that there is no political justice in the country.

When the trials of specific convicts were concluded and the country"s independent institutions made their decisions, and then someone says that the release of these persons might become an issue influencing the political process, or someone says that these absolutely legal issues, regarding which independent institutions have made their decisions, were the subject of a political agreement - for me this is absolutely unimaginable and impossible. I cannot even imagine a person who could have assumed such a responsibility and entered into the discussion of such an issue.

We are talking about the fact that according to some people, concrete decisions made by the country’s independent institutions on specific cases can define the political process and become the subject of a political agreement. I believe that this is categorically unacceptable and I cannot think of any person on my team who would have participated in such discussions. This is my absolutely sincere position. Thus, I believe that the electoral system is the greatest achievement of our country, our political team, and political spectrum; questioning it for any reason is unacceptable to me personally. As regards questioning the country"s institutions, this is completely incomprehensible to me.

The country’s independent institutions have made a decision on specific criminal cases; it does not matter if these decisions are positive or negative - these decisions have come into force. The fact that now, after the fact, someone states that the release or non-release of these people was the subject of a political agreement and that the violation of this agreement can impact the political process - this is simply impossible and I am calling on everyone who is making such irresponsible statements to contemplate what they are saying and how they are saying it”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.