04 December 2021,   23:25
Registration of monetary compensation recipients launched on the website of the Ministry of Health

The Government started registering those who suffered from the pandemic. These are the people who will receive compensation from the government. According to Tamila Barkalaia, the Deputy Health Minister, only those who are self-employed should register. As for those who lost their jobs, they do not need to register.

According to her, the recipients should visit the webpage of the Ministry (www.moh.gov.ge) and undergo registration.

This refers to self-employed and employed persons who lost their jobs and income during COVId-19. The group includes: physical persons having small business, small entrepreneurs, persons, who carried out taxed activities and individual entrepreneurs.

These persons will not require submitting the documentation as confirmation of income source. They will receive messages about receipt of compensation on webpage eservices.rs.ge within the term of 10 work days.

Self-employed people, who are not registered at Revenue Service, should present any document confirming source of income for instance a bank receipt, license for leading any economic activity.

A special commission will make a decision.

Those, who cannot fill in online forms, may ask for help to undergo registration in Employment Agency or Social Service Agency.

For additional information applicants can call at the hotline number of the Ministry of Health (1505).