11 August 2020,   04:15
In 1918 Georgian National Council adopted the Independence Act

Today Georgia celebrates Independence Day. In 1918 Georgian National Council declared the Trans-Caucasian Democratic Federal Republic to be dismissed and adopted the Independence Act.

The most important historic event for the country was held in former residence of the Russian governor located in Golovin avenue (today’s Rustaveli Avenue) in Tbilisi. Noe Zhordania read the Independence Act of Georgia and declared the country as an independent state.

The Georgian Independence Act, which is the first Georgian constitutional document, briefly conveyed the historical perspectives of development of Georgia as well as the desire of the Georgian nation to decide its future fate and it also describes the political situation of that time. Independently, the country existed for only 4 years, but this act became the basis for the declaration of independence of Georgia in 1991.