18 September 2021,   11:29
Interagency Coordination Council urges citizens to strictly adhere to rules on use of face masks and social distancing

Another session of the Interagency Coordination Council was held under the leadership of Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia.

Members of the council discussed the next stage of the lifting of restrictions, which came into force today. Namely, all types of open shops, trade centers, open-air and enclosed markets, and restaurants with outdoor spaces have reopened for business. Furthermore, public transport resumed operation on 29 May. It was stressed that all decisions pertaining to the lifting of restrictions were made having taken into account the social and economic interests of citizens; however, it is essential to follow the relevant rules and recommendations, including those on social distancing and the use of face masks, in order to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. Relevant agencies will periodically monitor the enforcement of preventive measures and established standards.

Council members also discussed the upcoming stage of the lifting of restrictions, which will come into force on 8 June and will include the opening of all types of restaurants, the resumption of intercity transportation, and the reopening of the hotels that have passed the inspection of the Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Healthcare and have received the appropriate permits. The inspection of hotels has already started and will actively continue.

At this stage, two villages of Tetritskaro and Bolnisi municipalities - Mushevani and Geta - will remain under strict quarantine. Specialists from the National Center for Disease Control are implementing the appropriate medical measures there. Active preventive measures and corresponding studies are being carried out in Tbilisi, with regard to persons connected with the so-called Saburtalo cluster of infection.

As regards the overall epidemiological situation throughout the country, as of today, there are 794 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Georgia, 624 of whom have already recovered. Three Georgian citizens have been repatriated from foreign countries for treatment. Twelve persons have died.

Currently, 2,508 persons are in quarantine and 300 persons are hospitalized under medical observation.

The Interagency Coordination Council continues to hold regular meetings under the leadership of the prime minister in order to take coordinated steps. The Parliament of Georgia, headed by Chairman Archil Talakvadze, and the Administration of the President are actively involved in the council"s work. Central Election Commission Chairperson Tamar Zhvania was invited to today"s session of the Interagency Coordination Council to ensure the maximum implementation of security measures during the electoral process and the prevention of the spread of the virus.