28 October 2021,   21:28
Citizens will be exempted from unpaid fines imposed by City Park - Zaza Gabunia

The Chairman of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee, Zaza Gabunia introduced today a new legislative initiative.

According to him, this initiative envisages exemption of citizens charged by City Park from fines and financial obligations arising from the accrued interest. The total amount of such fines is about 850 000 GEL and under this law, thousands of citizens will be fully exempted from this financial obligation.

“It concerns the fines imposed before April 10, 2018, or before the termination of the contract with the company. These unpaid fines remained a significant financial and economic hurdle for the citizens, and by our decision, the financial debt will be completely removed. The idea was initiated by the Mayor, and the Parliament endorsed this initiative, relieving thousands from the financial liabilities”, - said the MP.