26 January 2021,   12:33
We welcome the fact that the post-crisis plan will be developed together with experts from the Universities of Cambridge and London - Gia Zhorzholiani

The MP, Gia Zhorzholiani considers the initiative by the Prime Minister on commencement of the consultations with the professors of the economic policy from Cambridge and London to be important and requiring political approval.

“As we know, yesterday, the Prime Minister Gakharia held the video conference with the professors of the economic policy from Cambridge and London and it would be interesting for the wide society to elucidate the positions of these people that represent the development economy school (developmentalism) and drastically oppose the neo-liberal visions, which dominate in Georgia during the last 30 years and that guides our economic and social life up.

These people are the top rank representatives of their sphere and are the authors of various surveys and reports. I hail that the experts of this direction will serve as the advisors for the Government of Georgia for the first time in the post-Soviet Georgia and will cooperate on the post-crisis economy development plan. It implies the active state policy, revelation of the priorities, development of the plans etc. This endeavor of the Prime Minister is important and requires the political support and approval, which we will provide”, - said Gia Zhorzholiani.