26 September 2021,   22:32
We call on all sides to seek co-operation – MEPs on the constitutional amendments

The co-rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for the monitoring of Georgia, Titus Corlatean and Claude Kern, have welcomed the adoption of the constitutional amendments by the Parliament of Georgia.

“The Assembly has consistently called for the introduction of a proportional election system in Georgia. That will now be the case as from the 2024 elections. In addition, as a result of the adoption of these Constitutional amendments, the system for the next elections in 2020 will now also be far more proportional than was previously the case, which potentially could allow for a more pluralist and representative parliament. We strongly welcome this.

We regretted that the political agreement had not resulted in a less tense and polarized political environment. We call on all sides to seek co-operation over confrontation and to constructively pursue the implementation of the remainder of the 8 March political agreement. In addition, we call on all stakeholders to refrain from any statements and actions that could increase tensions and polarization or otherwise negatively affect the environment needed for the conduct of genuinely democratic elections.

As we have said, the political agreement and the election system resulting from it, offer a window of opportunity to Georgia. We encourage all stakeholders to fully take that opportunity in the best interest of Georgia”, - reads the statement.