24 September 2020,   22:40
Most likely Russia will try to interfere with the Georgian elections - Kelly Degnan

I have no concrete proof, but quite likely Russia will try to interfere with the Georgian elections, said the US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan during tje conference organized by the Georgian Institute of Politics.

“We’ve seen how active and creative Russian disinformation is in affecting and interfering with many elections and Georgia is an obvious target. The USA, the UK and other friends of Georgia are helping the public to be able to discern disinformation from accurate information, to hear and read the media and the information they are receiving with greater scrutiny and to be able to evaluate it better.

I do not have any concrete proof, but I think it will be quite likely that Russia will try to interfere with Georgia’s elections. As the country is moving towards more proportional elections, Georgia will have another big success if it holds good elections. Georgia is a model not just for this region, but elsewhere”, - said the Ambassador.