29 September 2020,   02:46
The schedule of flights for Georgian citizens, who want to return to their homeland, is known

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council agreed today on the schedule of flights, which will be performed by Wizz Air and Myway Airlines in July to provide organized return of Georgian citizens to the homeland.

The schedule is as follows:

July 13 - Warsaw

July 15 - Barcelona

​​July 17 - Rome

July 22 - Paris

July 28 - Athens

Ticket prices for these flights will not exceed 200 euros for Georgian citizens.

“Following the EU"s inclusion of Georgia in the list of 15 safest countries, the government is holding bilateral talks with EU member states on the opening of borders. Currently, certain procedures are being agreed in detail with a number of countries that have already expressed their readiness to open their borders”, - says the statement of the Council.