26 September 2020,   18:44
US Congress moves from appeals to action - opposition estimates that freezing part of aid to Georgia is tantamount to sanctions

The US Congress is taking an unprecedented step when setting up bipartisan sanctions against Ivanishvili’s regime. Such a statement made today MP Salome Samadashvili, the United National Movement, in response to the bill of House of Representatives.

“Throughout the 30-years old relations between Georgia and the US there has been no such precedent despite the fact that we’ve often heard critics about different issues from our strategic partners and allies. This is happening because of the unprecedented scale of corruption that Bidzina Ivanishvili established and that made it impossible to provide aid to people. Corruption eats up our future and aids which are allocated to us by the friends of our country. Defeating Ivanishvili’s regime in October as part of peaceful elections is a matter of vital fight”, - said Samadashvili.