04 December 2021,   04:56
The Public Defender met with the family of Zaza Gakheladze, who was kidnapped by the occupiers

Public Defender appeals to international organizations to get involved in the process of releasing a Georgian citizen illegally detained by the occupation regime.

Nino Lomjaria arrived in the village of Kvemo Chala and met with the family of the person kidnapped by the occupation forces.

“The kidnapping and illegal detention of people at the occupation line is a daily occurrence, but this time our citizen was wounded with a firearm, so, first of all, his health and safety are important. We have had very active communication with the family from the very first minutes. We also tried to verify some information by our sources. I want to hear from the family what kind of help they need from us. The family also has direct communication with the Red Cross”, - said the Ombudsman.