29 November 2021,   21:09
GIRCHI to raffle away car if the party enters the Parliament

GIRCHI political party says it will raffle away a Tesla car for voters who come out for the elections and if the party makes it over the 1% threshold into the Parliament.

According to the party leader Zurab Japaridze, the goal of such step is to encourage voters to participate in the upcoming elections which will be conducted in a different manner, allowing parties or election blocs to enter the legislative body if they receive just one per cent of votes. 

The voters will have to register on the party’s page and take a photo after casting a ballot to participate in the raffle. The party will be able to raffle the car if they will be able to enter parliament and receive the state funding.

“The more votes we receive, the more Tesla cars we will give away at the raffle”, - added Japaridze.