12 June 2021,   15:01
Government discusses updated strategy for attracting investment with economic experts

Together with the numerous challenges associated with the global pandemic, various opportunities are emerging for Georgia in terms of attracting economic and foreign investment. Beka Liluashvili, the prime minister’s advisor on economic issues, and Mikheil Khidureli, head of the Produce in Georgia agency, discussed the updated strategy for attracting investment with economic experts.

Sectors that are more advantageous in terms of investment in Georgia were discussed during the meeting.

The discussion concerned communication with those major foreign companies that may be interested in investing in Georgia. It was noted that the government is already conducting active negotiations with up to 400 companies, informing them about investment opportunities in Georgia and the advantages that the country"s economy offers them.

It was emphasized during the discussion that the strategy and the measures that the country will implement in terms of attracting foreign investment are a special priority for the Government of Georgia. Therefore, the recommendations of analysts and experts are of great importance in this process.

The meeting focused on the possible incentives that the Government of Georgia can implement in order to improve the investment policy. Economists and representatives of analytical organizations presented their opinions, a large part of which will be reflected in the final strategy.