13 August 2020,   03:21
Rehabilitation works in Racha might require up to GEL 50 000 000 – Giorgi Gakharia

Rehabilitation works in Racha might require up to GEL 50 000 000. such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“In reality, because of the absence of electricity the inhabitants don’t have contact with the outside world, so first of all, this information is important to them and then for the rest.

Ghebi, Patara Ghebi, Glola da Shovi are the villages where unfortunately we will have to conduct road works to approach them gradually. However, we were promised that the electricity will be restored in about one week. We will have a connection to all these villages on an everyday basis by helicopter, we will also help people who want to enter the area and withdraw them who want to leave, the supplies will be provided and there won"t be any problems. The local authorities are responsible for this.

There are several spots with inhabitants, they are in the risk zone and there might be a need to move them from their settlement. As soon as the road is opened, the corresponding services, geologists, will come to all those villages and examine the soil, raging mountain torrent, and the decision will be taken” – said Giorgi Gakharia.