31 October 2020,   03:18
Georgia hosts an unprecedented high-level event during pandemic - Mariam Kvrivishvili

Georgia received another major recognition in the international arena as a country hosting an unprecedented high-level event during COVID-19. Such a statement made today the Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration at the opening ceremony of the 112th session of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Board.

“Today we heard a number of positive assessments of Georgia from the Secretary General of the UNWTO and delegates that we are hosting such an important event. About 170 delegates from 24 countries arrived to attend this meeting. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to introduce them to the tourism potential of Georgia.

It’s an important achievement to be holding this event in Georgia, which will help our country’s tourism industry in the short, medium and long term. It will further strengthen the message that Georgia is the first country in the world to host such an important event in compliance with all protocols and security”, - said Mariam Kvrivishvili.