05 December 2021,   18:19
They need to read the U.S. Embassy’s statement attentively - the Minister responds to the opposition’s statements on Pompeo’s visit

They need to read the U.S. Embassy’s statement attentively. Such a statement made today the Minister of Foreign Affairs while commenting on the opposition’s assessment regarding US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Georgia.

“I do not even intend to give a serious answer to my opponents as it is ignorance and lack of knowledge of international relations. It does not make sense to use this visit for domestic political interests. The main message here is the U.S. support for Georgia, for its stability and the political and economic development of the country. Support for our role as one of the leaders in the region. This is the main message of the visit and not what the opponents are talking about.

The U.S. supports Georgia, the stability of the country and the political processes that are taking place in the country. Their election assessments, which is clearly reflected in the US Embassy statement, says that Georgia’s parliamentary elections were competitive and, overall, fundamental freedoms were respected.

We are locked in. We are only engaged in assessing the processes within the country, while the whole region is facing such a difficult, geopolitical challenge. Therefore, I strongly urge the public to place particularly important emphasis, assessment and focus on this dimension. Georgia needs the support of the U.S., our main strategic partner, as never before, and this visit is the equivalent of that support. This is the main message and it is better for them to get involved in the political process in a timely manner”, - said Davit Zalkaliani.