30 November 2021,   06:47
Current dynamics of the spread of COVID-19 is related to protests - Maia Tskitishvili

The current dynamics of the spread of COVID-19 is related to the protests. Such a statement made today the Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia.

“We all saw very well the activity that took place during and after the election process. I do not mean the election day. I mean those irresponsible political campaigns and rallies when organizers did not even call on people to use masks, on the contrary, they called for disobedience.

When we see such rallies on the streets, and especially when no rules are followed, of course, all this cannot but be reflected in the numbers. These protests are related to the dynamics that we have today. Political process is a constitutional right, therefore, we could not stop the constitutionally established electoral and political process”, - said Maia Tskitishvili.