20 January 2022,   22:03
Alliance and Georgia cooperation - the importance of the Black Sea region is emphasized in NATO’s strategy for the next 10 years

NATO will become more global and cooperation with Georgia will be part of this process. This was announced by the NATO Secretary General at a press conference after the meetings with the Foreign Ministers of the Alliance member states.

“As you know, three Black Sea countries are NATO countries, two are NATO partners, Ukraine and Georgia. And for NATO, we realize the importance of resilience, of protecting our critical infrastructure. And we have developed and we are strengthening our requirements, what we call baseline requirements for resilience, to critical infrastructure, telecommunications, a continuation of government, health, and many other critical services in our societies.

So, as we adapt, as we change, resilience – protecting infrastructure – will be an important part of that. It’s too early to say exactly how I will reflect that in my proposals for heads of state and government, but I’m certain that resilience, and also the importance of working with partners, will be one of the challenges I have to address when I put forward my proposals…

We see how Russia has deployed troops in violation of the wishes of different governments in our close neighborhood, how Russia has illegally annexed Crimea, how they continue to destabilize eastern Ukraine, how there are Russian troops in parts of Georgia, and also how there are troops in Moldova, in Transnistria. And this is a violation of the territorial integrity of Moldova and is yet another example of how Russia far too often does not respect international law and the territorial integrity of countries, including Moldova”, - said Jens Stoltenberg.