27 January 2022,   16:31
We managed to deepen understanding between the parties – Carl Hartzell

We managed to deepen understanding between the parties. Such a statement made the EU Ambassador to Georgia before the next round of negotiations between the opposition and the ruling party.

“We managed to touch on all issues that have been part of this dialogue. We also managed to make some progress and deepen the understanding on some points. This is what we will continue doing today. I am ready for as many round tables as it takes, as long as the facilitators can see the progress.

I have been rather cautious lately, and I remain very cautious. These are going to be difficult decisions for everyone to take. We will see how we can make them. Everyone walked the extra mile, this is what we are hoping for, but, as I said, it is going to be difficult, it will require a lot of leadership and responsibility and possibly inventiveness to get us to that point.

The negotiation participants would continue seeing how far they can move towards a common platform. It is what we, as facilitators, will continue to endeavor to do in the last few days before the parliament opens”, - said Carl Harzell.