17 January 2022,   14:51
I think we have made significant progress in the last two days – Carl Hartzell

I think we have made significant progress in the last two days, as you know we have difficult discussions. Such a statement made today the EU Ambassador to Georgia.

“Yesterday, we had another round in the dialogue. I think over these last two days, we have made some important progress even though discussions are difficult. I think the most encouraging part of the discussion has been that we have managed to find a common ground with regard to future election reforms, because this is the key to making sure that future elections will have fewer shortcomings and fewer problems then we saw in these last elections and that we have seen in previous elections as well.

The other issues remain on the table, and many of them remain unresolved. We will see whether it is possible to advance further. There is a continued commitment on all participants to the dialogue to continue, and I foresee that we will give it another go tomorrow to see whether we can still make progress before the opening of the next parliament”, - said Carl Hartzell.