25 January 2022,   18:31
Grigol Vashadze is leaving the National Movement

Grigol Vashadze is leaving the United National Movement. He wrote about this decision on his Facebook page.

“I decided to resign from all positions and leave the party. This step will be extremely difficult for me, but I do not see any other way. From January 2017, I tried to do everything in order to develop the party, strengthen its position, remain the main opposition union.

I think we have achieved a lot, but there are facts that I categorically can not tolerate. I do not agree with the tactics chosen by the majority of the party without consulting the party members. Even more unacceptable to me is the lack of party strategy.

It only helps the so-called Georgian Dream.

I can not tolerate the appearance of such odious figures around and inside the UNM, who belong to the past and with whom we can never, I repeat, never gain the trust of the electorate.

It is impossible not to be deeply concerned about the campaign of attacks and insults against the heads of diplomatic missions of our strategic allies, which is unclear who launched it and for what purpose. This is the biggest damage to Georgia’s relations with the U.S., the EU and its member states. It seems as if the participants in this campaign have never heard that the attack on the ambassador is the same as the attack on the states they represent, which have been guarding our state and territorial integrity together with the citizen of Georgia since the restoration of independence.

I apologize to our friends! I will not continue to list the problems, because the party members themselves talk about them in private conversations. For me, being in the minority or even alone is not a problem. The problem is that I can not be where I do not see the opportunity and desire to learn from mistakes. I may be wrong. Trust the future. I think we will judge the future very soon”, - writes Grigol Vashadze.