24 January 2022,   08:12
Kakha Kaladze presents apartment to a family from the Africa settlement

Kakha Kaladze is gifting an apartment to a family of father and son from the Africa Settlement, whose photos were spread on the social network yesterday. The Mayor of Tbilisi wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“I say with full responsibility that not a single person lived in these buildings under construction. Lands have been looted in the surrounding areas, there are illegally constructed buildings, where certain families, certain people live, and no one has touched these houses and these people. The photo of father and son is disinformation, they do not live in the buildings, but just live nearby and were watching the developments in the neighborhood.

Later, photos of me and my children were attached to their photo. I can not get angry, I"m not surprised. What else can you say to such people? Such behavior is their choice. The main thing for me this time is that when I can help, I help. Heroism is a man alone raising 6 children. That father is a hero and it is very important for me to support him. I found out in the evening what conditions he lives in and my personal gift, on behalf of my family, will be an apartment for this family.

Against the background of so much hatred, slander and lies, the happiness of this family is the result of today for me”, -writes Kakha Kaladze.