23 January 2022,   10:37
Any citizen with a UK travel history in the Last 14 days to be subject to a 12 day mandatory quarantine

By considering the new strain of coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom (UK), the Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia has decided to impose a 12-day mandatory quarantine requirement to any individual, including citizens of Georgia, with a UK travel history within the last 14 days upon entry to Georgia by being placed at quarantine spaces. It was decided by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council.

As Berdia Sichinava, Deputy Head of the Task Force operating at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council announced at the press-briefing, it is noteworthy that UK is not anyway included in the list of 18 countries indicated in the Government Decree that permitted the entry of citizens and permanent residence holders to Georgia with applicable terms and conditions. There is neither a direct flight with the UK at present.

“Hence, this decision applies to citizens of Georgia and business visitors, whose travel history within the past 14 days includes the UK, as well as citizens and residents of all those 18 countries that are entitled to enter Georgia with respective terms and conditions”, - said Berdia Sichinava.

At the same time, Inter-Agency Coordination Council is actively working with subject-matter experts, specialists, epidemiologists and business owners to ease the imposed COVID restrictions from December 24, on the grounds of their justification and if decided - on tight regulations related to the adherence with safety norms.

“We all see that COVID restrictions imposed on November 28 had a direct impact on the slow-down of community transfer rate and stability of epidemic situation. Thus, it is the responsibility of the authorities as well as the private sector and each citizen of the country to maintain the achieved results and price paid for it by the country every single day. Therefore, the decision on the matter, which will be announced in the nearest future, is made with utmost caution”, - added Sichinava.