28 January 2022,   23:00
We are moving to a proportional electoral system, a politically neutral public servant becomes a necessary condition for the development of the country - Giorgi Gakharia

Any reform to be implemented in the country within the coming 4 years, will be achieved only with an engagement of the governance system and civil servants. It was announced by the Prime Minister of Georgia at a meeting with a Parliamentary Faction of the Georgian Dream today.

In the opinion of Giorgi Gakharia, competent and - what is most important - honest civil servants are the basis of any reforms in the country.

“That is why civil servants will remain in the center of government focus in the coming 4 years. We all need to understand that today, when the country is a fully parliamentary democracy as a result of the constitutional reform, when the Georgian Dream-born reform has resulted in the proportional election system in the nearest future, politically neutral civil servant becomes an essential pre-requisite of the national development. Hence, civil servants and advancement of their competences and integrity will be one of the most important tasks for us. Of course, when we talk about the effectiveness of a civil servant, we see certain challenges. It may be a degree of competence, corruption challenge, but we should all understand that it is the reality in which we live and these are the challenges that we were always responding to. We will need to effectively continue responding to them in future”, - concluded Giorgi Gakharia.