21 January 2022,   12:00
If you do not help us in this difficult time for the country, at least do not hinder us - Giorgi Gakharia to the opposition

If you do not help us in a very difficult time for the country, at least do not hinder us! Such a statement made today the candidate for the Prime Minister post during his speech at the plenary session of the Parliament.

“It is unfortunate that the opposition is not represented in the Parliament. It is always easier to find the truth and the right way in a healthy discussion and dispute. Some were scared, some could not resist ambitions and put their own narrow party ambitions above the interests of the country, but we cannot stop the country. We cannot follow these irresponsible actions.

When we speak here without the opposition, everyone should understand that our responsibility is doubled. It is doubled for a simple reason – we have to undertake the share of responsibility that should have been undertaken by them. It must be understood absolutely correctly.

Nobody is against criticism and nobody is afraid of criticism, nobody! But the destructive actions are directed not against a specific political force, but against the state.

There are obvious steps that serve not only the delegitimization of state institutions, but also the state, which puts the future of the country at risk”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.