28 January 2021,   06:30
Paragraph, Sololaki Business Center, Cartu Bank, Laguna Vere, Tabori Resorts, land in Bakuriani and Abastumani - Bidzina Ivanishvili had transferred about 30 entities to Cartu Foundation

Bidzina Ivanishvili handed over about 30 entities to the Cartu Charity Foundation. Such a statement he made in the interview to Entrepreneur magazine.

The list of entities is as follows: Tbilisi City Ltd, Sololaki Rise Ltd (Project Sololaki), Sololaki Hill Ltd., Tabori Resorts Ltd (Tabori, Golf), Georgian Eco Transport Ltd, Business Development Ltd, Business Development Ltd (Green Cape), Business Development Ltd (Tsikhisdziri), Seaside Ltd (Chakvi), Black Resorts Ltd (Shekvetili Hotel Paragraph), Black Sea Riviera Ltd (Ganmukhuri/Anaklia), Tsisartkela Ltd (51% of shares, Abastumani), Business Center Ltd, Cartu Group Tbilisi, 300 Aragveli Street, Cartu Group Tbilisi, 39a Ilia Chavchavadze Ave, Cartu Group Tbilisi, near Kakheti Highway, Cartu Group Tbilisi, near Tskhvedadze Street, Burji Ltd, Elita Burji Ltd and Isani Cartu territory, Elita Burji Ltd, JSC Laguna Vere Territory and 69 Kostava Ltd, Sea View Resort Ltd, JSC Bolnisi Tuff, Land plots of JSC Didveli, JSC Cartu Bank, JSC Insurance Company Cartu.

The transfer is in progress in relation to Bakuriani Complex and Hotel in Sighnaghi (70% of the share).

According to the former Chairman of the Georgian Dream, he would donate one and a half billion dollars to charity and leave his children enough not to lose motivation to strive for development. In his words, he and his wife will be left with USD 200 mln. Ivanishvili added that he had already agreed upon his decision with his children.

“I am glad that my children are ambitious and creative people, which makes it certain that they can achieve success without me. Most importantly, I have already given them quality education and complete freedom of choice”, - said Bidzina Ivanishvili.