01 March 2021,   21:12
Opposition parties call on Georgian Dream to return to negotiating table – joint statement of the opposition

Opposition parties released a joint statement in which they are calling on Georgian Dream to return to negotiating table in time.

Joint statement is signed by the Georgian Labor Party, Lelo, Girchi – More Freedom, European Georgia, Strategy Aghmashenebeli, Power in Unity - Progress and Freedom, UNM, State for People and Republican Party.

“We remain loyal to the position we had after the rigged parliamentary elections, when [Bidzina] Ivanishvili seized the will of the Georgian people. The official results of the October 31 parliamentary elections do not reflect the will of people. Therefore the recognition of the results of these elections will lead to complete nihilism towards the political process, which is promoted by the Georgian Dream, and distrust in the democratic process.

Despite the differences between the parties boycotting the Parliament, we soon agreed on a common position and demands - the release of political prisoners, new elections, new election administration and election rules, changes in the electoral system.

The opposition offered the Government several reasonable compromises to hold early, democratic elections, but they opposed the desire for real dialogue with uncivilized methods.

We still appeal to the ruling party to return to the negotiating table in time and realize that the only way out of the crisis is to hold early, democratic elections and to resolve the issues raised by the opposition and, consequently, the majority of voters”, - reads the statement.