26 February 2021,   13:22
The Speaker of the Parliament hopes that another opposition force will enter the legislature

The Chairman of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze hopes that another opposition force will enter the legislature in the coming days.

The time when opposition groups form factions in the Parliament will come very soon, the Chairman of Parliament, Archil Talakvadze, predicted at the sitting of the parliamentary bureau.

“More representatives of the opposition should get involved in the parliamentary process, and they should be given the maximum opportunity to use the parliamentary instruments provided by the regulations.

Termination of mandates will not be considered at the extraordinary session, we have stated that we will use our time as much as possible to leave the door open for healthy opposition forces to join the parliamentary political process.

The position of the Government, the majority of the society and Georgia’s international partners is the same - democracy means participation, and boycotting participation is incompatible with democracy. The radical part of the opposition has lost the arguments related to the falsification of the election results and it is better for them to reconsider their decision to refuse their mandates”, - said the Speaker of the Parliament.