12 May 2021,   13:13
Namakhvani HPP - Protesters assess the meeting with government officials as constructive

Leaders of protest against the Namakhvani Hydropower Plant said after the meeting with the Central Government representatives, that the authorities seem to be dropping their uncompromising stance over the fate of the project.

According to Varlam Goletiani, the activists felt “the spirit of concessions” from the Government side.

“I think we are moving to the regime of constructive dialogue with the authorities. To agree on continuing the dialogue, we have 3 demands, including the Government to end to repressive policy in the Rioni River Valley and the police to leave the ravine, to halt groundworks for the powerplant, and to allow protesters to get back to Namakhvani village with protest tents”, - said Varlam Goletiani.

In the meantime, the activists say their protest against the powerplant continues in Gumati village.