15 May 2021,   18:56
I cannot and will not make this deal - Nika Melia

I cannot and will not make this deal. Such a statement made today Nika Melia, while commenting new proposal of Charles Michel.

“I did not tolerate violence and lawlessness. I did not turn a blind eye to injustice not because to allow anyone to pay ransom for my freedom. This is unacceptable to me!

I was sent to custody and then they started trading in my freedom. What will be the result of the “freedom” gained in this way? - Pardoned abusive officials and police officers.

And at the same time, the necessary political goal for the country is unattainable and the way out of the crisis is not clear.

I cannot and will not make this deal! This is my invincible position”, - writes the Chairman of the United National Movement.