26 January 2022,   08:47
Unfortunately, amnesty is the only way to release Nika Melia - Giorgi Vashadze

Unfortunately, amnesty is the only way to release Nika Melia. Such a statement made today Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy Aghmashenebeli.

“At the last meeting held yesterday at the Orbeliani Palace, all the details of the implementation were clarified. I think it was crucial to answer all the questions that exist in this regard in the society.

Now we, the parliamentary group from the opposition, are working on a draft amnesty law that applies only to cases that are currently under investigation and the speculation that it will apply to someone in the future is closed once and for all. This law will apply only to the articles under which people are now criminally prosecuted.

I call on all political forces to unite in this common victory and consider this victory as the victory of Georgia’s statehood, European course, Euro-Atlantic integration and Georgian people.

As for the other parties, as soon as the amnesty law is passed and Nika Melia is free, they will also enter the Parliament and continue their parliamentary activities”, - explained Giorgi Vashadze.