10 May 2021,   22:05
The President of Georgia names the exact time of Giorgi Rurua’s pardon

The statement by the Administration of the President of Georgia says that Salome Zourabichvili will issue the act on pardoning oppositionist Giorgi Rurua a week after the 27 April plenary session.

“In order for the country and Parliament to return to a normal political situation and handle the challenges we face, the President has decided to pardon under certain conditions.

The political parties - both the ruling party and the opposition - having reached an agreement confirmed by the President of the European Council and the Ambassador of the United States, one condition has now been met.

The political parties have publicly signed the final document of the agreement and their entry in Parliament is scheduled for 27 April during the plenary session, thus fulfilling the second condition within a week. Therefore, the Presidential Pardoning decree will be issued the same day”, - reads the statement.