01 August 2021,   10:46
Data from 2008 polling stations - Pashinyan’s party 53.92%, Kocharyan’s bloc 21.04%

The Central Electoral Commission of Armenia has presented preliminary data on the voting results from 2008 polling stations.

According to the results, the Civil Contract party led by Nikol Pashinyan has received 53.92% of the vote, the “Armenia” alliance led by 2nd President Robert Kocharyan comes second with 21.04%, “I Have the Honor” is the third with 5.23% of the vote. Prosperous Armenia party received 3.96% of the vote, the “Republic” party – 3.04%.

There were a total of 2008 polling stations. The voter turnout was at 49.4% or 1 million 281 thousand 174 voters. Armenia held early parliamentary elections on June 20.