26 July 2021,   05:42
Rush with appointment of judges to be bad start for April 19 agreement execution - Carl Hartzell

Moving forward with judicial reform and the trust in the judiciary is fundamental. Such a statement made today the EU Ambassador to Georgia.

“There is the need to take a look at the law together with the advice, the opinion that has been given by the Venice Commission. And then look at the process with the view of making sure that, in the end, there will be equal treatment to all candidates.

I hope that discussion will take place in the Parliament and, in that perspective, will be shared by members of the legislature.

We will be looking at this from the perspective of the April 19 Agreement as well as the conditions set out in the micro-financing assistance, commitments made in the EU-Georgia Associated Agreement. We will continue to study these issues. Hope, the process will not be rushed because it will set a bad start for a very important chapter in Michel’s Agreement”, - said Carl Hartzell.