27 January 2022,   15:37
Coordination Council urges citizens of Georgia to adhere to current COVID regulations to avoid the need of tight restrictions

Current epidemic situation in the country, increased indicators of viral spread, enforcement of the imposed regulations and performance of the immunization process were discussed at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council Meeting led by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

It was noted that almost 33 000 active cases are detected in the country. Increasing indicator of viral spread is a challenge for the healthcare sector and leads to the overburdening at hospitals. Thus, active work continues under the instructions of the Prime Minister of Georgia towards ensuring the availability of hospital beds and mobilization of additional ones, along with the engagement of new clinical hotels in the management of COVID-19.

The Coordination Council has ruled to tighten the enforcement of current regulations, which include a ban on social events - wedding parties, funerals and jubilees of various times under the applicable Government Decree. Council recommends citizens of the country to wear facemasks not only indoors, public transport and places of public gathering as already required, but outdoors as well, because the uniform wearing of facemasks and social distancing coupled with vaccination are deemed to be one of the best means for preventing the viral spread. The Inter-Agency Coordination Council urges citizens of Georgia to adhere to current regulations to make sure that no need arises for imposing tight restrictions.

Flow of the immunization process and mobilization of additional spaces of vaccination were also discussed by the Council at its meeting today. The Prime Minister of Georgia instructed the relevant agencies to make respective steps in the shortest period of time to ensure the public access to vaccines, inter alia through broader geographic coverage and to maximize the number of immunized people without prior registration via actual queuing at as many centers as possible.

At the same time, as instructed by the Prime Minister of Georgia, special task forces will be established at municipalities to make sure that the process of vaccination gets coordinated with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Since the first case of COVID infection, 428 670 lab-proven cases have been detected so far, out of which 388 893 individuals have recovered and 5 910 died.

Currently, 55 individuals are kept in quarantine, 2 173 at clinical hotels and 6 045 - at hospitals under medical supervision.

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council led by the Prime Minister of Georgia actively engages the Parliament of Georgia chaired by MP Kakha Kuchava and the Administration of the President of Georgia.