21 January 2022,   11:38
These elections should be exemplary, which excludes violence, hate speech, obstruction of professional activities for media - President

According to the President of Georgia, democratic and fair elections should be held in the country.

“These elections should be exemplary, the rights of all subjects should be protected, which excludes violence, hate speech and insults, use of personal data, calling competitors “traitors”, obstruction of professional activities for the media, spread of fake news and various pressures.

Our population expects such elections and such an election environment from us. I, as the guarantor of democracy, stability and Europeanness in this country, call on them to be involved and active, as our partners expect, and we ask these partners to appoint numerous observation missions, democratic and fair elections must be held in this country. This is what I came for and this is what I’ll be here for”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.