19 October 2021,   09:48
Ministry of Internal Affairs seized illegal firearms and ammunition - 6 people detained

As a result of operative-investigative activities, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs seized illegal firearms at various times in Shida Kartli, Adjara, Svaneti and Tbilisi and detained 6 people.

The detainees are: A.Kh. (DoB 1981), J.L. (DoB1981), G.D. (DoB 1989), T. Ts. (DoB1973). N.G. (DoB 1988) And G.J. (DoB1970;

The crimes committed by the mentioned persons envisage the term of imprisonment from 3 to 9 years.

The officers of the Detectives Division of Shida Kartli Police Department stopped J.L. on the territory of Gori municipality while driving a vehicle. As a result of the search activities, the police seized Glock 43 pistol, 11 magazines and 2 cartridges as evidence. The investigation established that the accused A.Kh. had illegally sold Glock 43 pistol and 11 ammunition cartridges to his acquaintance J.L. The latter had purchased the firearm for further realization.

The officers of Adjara Police Department seized the handmade cut gun and 12 magazines as evidence during the search activities of the house of the accused G.D. in Khelvachauri Municipality. Law enforcers also found Kalashnikov weapon, 2 cartridges and 75 magazines.

Mestia Police officers, during the search of the house and storage facility of the accused T.Ts. seized AK-74 automatic firearm as evidence.

The officers of Vake-Saburtalo Police Main Division of Tbilisi Police Department, on the basis of the relevant court decision, seized CZ pistol, 1 cartridge and 8 magazines as evidence during the search activities held in the apartment of the N.G.

As a result of the personal search of G.J. and search activities held in his residential apartment, officers of Tbilisi Police Department seized Makarov pistol, 15 magazines and 1 cartridge.

The facts of illegal purchase, storage, illegal sale and carrying of firearms and ammunition are being investigated under 236, parts III, IV and V of the Criminal Code of Georgia.