01 December 2021,   04:24
Kakha Kaladze 56.1%, Nika Melia 28.3% - Georgian Dream survey

According to a survey conducted by the Georgian Dream sociological group, Kakha Kaladze is leading in Tbilisi.

To a question: Which candidate would you vote for if there were mayoral elections tomorrow, the answers were distributed as follows:

Kakha Kaladze-56.1%
Nikanor Melia -28.3%
Giorgi Gakharia -6.2%
Ana Dolidze -2.2%
Ana Bibilashvili -1.9%
Giorgi Lomia -1.3%
Tamar Kekenadze -0.9%
Mikheil Kumsishvili -0.7%
Other candidates -2.4%