20 October 2021,   10:19
Facts of pressuring the members of district and precinct election commissions became frequent - CEC

Facts of pressuring the members of district and precinct election commissions became frequent, reads the statement of the Central Election Commission.

“Forced entry in precinct election commissions (PECs), abusive statements made against commission members and threatening phone calls, hate speech, interference in their work, and obstruction were observed. In certain cases, there have been attempts by observers to overstep their authority to prompt a provocation. Such actions obstruct the activities of election commissions and deliberately harm the electoral process.

This is an attempt not only to harm the election administration (EA) but the electoral environment at large and clearly aims to lose people"s trust in the EA and damage its reputation.

The EA is guided by professional standards and conducts its activities openly and transparently, though, other electoral stakeholders along with election administration are also responsible for holding fair and democratic elections. For this reason, we call on electoral subjects and observer organizations not to overstep their authority. Additionally, not to interfere in the work of election commissions as precisely given commissions should organize 2 October elections. Only 5 days are left until elections and the election administration works at full capacity at all levels so that voters can make their choices in a free and secure environment.

In addition, the EA calls on local and international observers and the media to monitor the ongoing electoral process actively and identify every fact, and support the transparency of the process and credibility of elections”.