17 May 2022,   12:43
It is an important election for Georgia’s future, test on democracy - Carl Hartzell

I hope that this day will be a day when democracy delivers for all its citizens. Such a statement made today EU Ambassador to Georgia.

“Today is election day, it is a very special day for any democracy. It is a day when it"s time for politicians, commentators, opinion makers to be silent and it"s time for voters to come out and speak their mind through the ballot boxes.

We have seen over the last couple of weeks, and I would say even in the last 24 hours, the degree of polarization that remains in political life here in Georgia, which I find regrettable, but one thing that also all political sides agree to is how essential it is to come out today and cast your vote.

So I hope and trust that today it will be possible for voters to come out in a calm, peaceful, safe and secure environment to do just that. I also hope that you, as journalists, will be able to enjoy the same safety and security when you are carrying out your important work”, - said Carl Hartzell.