19 January 2022,   03:14
Prime Ministers of Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova meet with President the European Parliament

The Prime Ministers of the Associated Trio, as part of their visit to Brussels, met with President the European Parliament David-Maria Sassoli.

The meeting emphasized the role of the European Parliament’s support for the establishment of the Associated Trio format, for which the Prime Minister of Georgia thanked the President the European Parliament.

The President the European Parliament stated that the European Parliament will continue supporting the Associated Trio countries on their path toward European integration, in the process of implementing democratic and economic reforms, measures important for the implementation of the Association Agreement and the DCFTA, among others.

The meeting paid special attention to the countries’ common aspirations and challenges, occupation, and hybrid threats.

The conversation also touched on the importance of including the priorities of the Associated Trio in the declaration of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit, so that new opportunities may be offered to the partner stated on the path toward further EU integration.

The meeting emphasized new opportunities for ensuring the three countries" political, economic, and sectoral integration into the EU, also expanded cooperation across such areas as connectivity, including in transport, energy, and digital dimensions, and in the directions of trade and economic integration, climate change, regional security, and tackling hybrid threats.

Irakli Garibashvili, Denys Shmyhal, and Natalia Gavrilița-before the meeting with President David-Maria Sassoli-acknowledged their visit to the European Parliament in the guestbook for special visitors.