27 January 2022,   03:36
Green Passports to come into force in Georgia - Health Ministry

Starting from today, December 1, Green Passports will come into force in Georgia.

“We would like to remind, that “green status” will be awarded to those being in compliance with one of the below criteria:

Fully vaccinated individuals:
Recovered from COVID-19; 14 days pass since confirmation of the disease;
Those with negative PCR test certificate conducted within the last 72 hours;
People with negative rapid test results conducted within the last 24 hours.
Two special applications are created by the Ministry of Health - CovidPass Georgia and Georgia e-Health with purpose of effective management of the pandemic, unhampered service delivery-receipt process for business and citizens.

The application CovidPass Georgia can be utilized by any person being in the territory of Georgia, both citizens of Georgia and foreign visitors. The application can be used for purpose of entering various facilities and participating at events.

The person vaccinated abroad (foreign visitor or Georgian citizen) presents a document certifying vaccination or negative results of PCR test while entering Georgian border.

After crossing a border, a person can easily get registered at CovidPass Georgia application and a person can enter the spaces and attend events without obstacles.

Application Georgia e-Health is used for international travels and ensures unhampered entrance to 51 countries of EU digital COVID-certificate system.

We would like to remind, that citizens can enter the following facilities with green passport: hotels and other points of accommodation, food facilities (restaurants, cafes, bars, both in outdoor and indoor areas, including those located in shopping centers), cinemas, theatres, concert halls, entertainment centers, opera house, casinos, gambling business sites, spa centers, fitness clubs, aerial lifts of mountain resorts.

Monitoring, on selective basis, will be conducted by Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Health, relevant departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Revenue Service, local municipalities, National Food Agency.
The facility bears responsibility for admitting a person without green status.

In case of infraction of regulation, the fine for legal entity is equal to 10,000 GEL and is equal to 2,000 for individual entrepreneurs.

Provided that regulations are breached again, the site will be sealed”, - reads the statement of the Ministry of Health.

In order to use COVID-certificate, a person should download application Georgia e-Health from App Store - https://apps.apple.com/ge/app/georgia-e-health/id1590322048 or Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moh.geehealth and get through a simple registration process.

For additional information, please call hotlines - 1505, 144, 1522
Or visit - https://www.provax.ge/
Detailed information is available at: https://matsne.gov.ge/ka/document/view/5293475?publication=0