25 September 2022,   10:11
We are grateful for help and we feel great support in Georgia as well - Ambassador of Ukraine

We are grateful for help and we feel great support in Georgia as well. Such a statement made today the Ambassador of Ukraine to Georgia.

“Today is the 3rd day of war. It is the third day that the Ukrainian army is defending Ukraine and the whole world. This day was started by the President of Ukraine by addressing Ukraine and the whole world.

His first message was - do not trust anyone who tells you that I appealed to anyone to drop arms. Our army is defending our Ukraine and we will defend it. This is our land, our country and our children and we will protect all this.

The situation is very difficult. This situation requires assistance not only in terms of armament, but in all directions.

Last night the United States decided to allocate USD 600 million in additional funds to help Ukraine. Yesterday, the EU Council decided to introduce a package of sanctions against Russia. NATO summit was held yesterday. Today, President Zelensky held a telephone conversation with the President of France and also with the European Council President. I told you all this to show the contrast - sessions are being held in, decisions are being made and sanctions are being introduced by some countries, but there is a war in Ukraine, near Kyiv and other cities.

The Russian army carried out its attacks in the direction of the houses where civilians live. This is a residential area where our civilians live. There are no military facilities or government institutions, there are only kindergartens, schools and houses. Fighting is taking place near Kyiv. The aggressor is trying to enter the capital from the Belarusian side, where the Chernobyl facility is located”, - said Igor Dolgov.