01 December 2022,   18:27
Biden pledges extra USD 800m in Ukraine aid and urges end to “tragic, unnecessary war”

“We are going to stay the course. We’re going to do everything we can to push for and end this tragic, unnecessary war”, - Joe Biden just said at the White House, writes The Guardian.

He promised that “more is on the way” in terms of weapons for Ukraine. He warned it could be a long and difficult battle against Russia.

“We are going to continue to mobilize humanitarian relief,” he said. Biden’s listing “tens of thousands of tons” of food and water provided, and efforts to help refugees fleeing across the western borders from Ukraine into Poland, Moldova, Romania.

We will keep up the pressure on Putin’s crumbling economy. Of this new package, $200m was already announced last week, so outlining the extra $800m for defense is new and brings the total pledged in the last week to $1bn. This is all part of the almost-$14bn of aid for Ukraine approved by Congress last week”, - said Biden.