05 December 2022,   05:35
This is a war crime, a massive war crime, what is happening in Mariupol - Josep Borrell

The EU High Representative once again talks about the recent developments in Ukraine.

“We are going to continue providing support to Ukraine – with the second tranche of the European Peace Facility providing more financial support. We are going to have a meeting with the [Deputy Prime Minister] and Foreign Affairs Minister of the [Republic of] Moldova [Nicu Popescu]. Moldova is providing incredible support to the Ukrainian refugees. And then we will have a videoconference with the Defence Minister of Ukraine [Oleksii Reznikov], who will talk about the war situation.

Russia is really committing a lot of war crimes – that is the word, we have to say it. What is happening in Mariupol is a massive war crime. [They are] destroying everything, bombarding and killing everybody in an indiscriminate manner. This is something awful that we have to condemn in the strongest terms. This is a war crime, a massive war crime, what is happening in Mariupol. The city will be completely destroyed, and people are dying. We will continue working and supporting Ukraine, with all of our resources. We will continue talking about what kind of sanctions we can think of again, more - especially related with energy. And we will see from [our discussions with] the Defence Minister of Ukraine, what is the situation there and how we can continue supporting them.

Russia is using all their military capacities. The problem is that [it is] using military capacities against the civilians. It is not a war, it is a massive destruction of the country, without any kind of consideration for the laws of war, because wars have also laws. That is very important to say that, legally, the International Court [of Justice] has already condemned this invasion.

Morally, they have lost any kind of ground, because what they are doing is completely out of any kind of laws that rule the war. It is not a war, it is a destruction of people who are suffering incredibly, and Russia, [the President of Russia, Vladimir] Putin, deserves the strongest condemnation of the civilised world”, - said Josep Borrell.