25 June 2022,   07:55
Lelo summons Prime Minister to the Parliament

The Lelo parliamentary team is summoning Prime Minister to arrive at the Parliament on Friday, May 27. Such a statement made today Lelo MP Ana Natsvlishvili.

“The main goal of the Lelo team is to provide answers to the society, first of all, to the citizens of Georgia, to a question: “How much is Georgia protected today from becoming a “black hole” for Russia to avoid international sanctions?”

I sent detailed questions on this issue to various state agencies, most of them have not yet answered, which is a violation of the constitution. Today we are calling on them from the tribune to provide us with this information and we call on Irakli Garibashvili to come to the Parliament with concrete answers about the measures taken. Today, turning into a “black hole” is dangerous for Georgia and it will cause great damage to our country. Therefore, in this situation, it is extremely important to get specific answers to specific questions from the Prime Minister”, - said the representative of Lelo.