15 August 2022,   20:14
Prime Minister offers opposition to end the polarization and start working together

The Prime Minister of Georgia expressed the willingness of his Government for a constructive dialogue involving domestic political forces in a bid to end polarisation.

“Now our task must be to be as calm as possible, to continue developing our country, maintain peace and achieve all goals in the shortest possible time. Our Government is ready for that. One of the conditions outlined [by the European Commission] envisages that our political forces must manage to end the polarisation. I want to once again, on behalf of our team, declare that we are always ready for a constructive dialogue.

We had never closed the door for dialogue, our team would always be ready to work together with domestic political forces on issues related to the future of the country and national interests.

It [dialogue] should take place in a normal, calm, constructive and healthy environment. This is our wish. Hope our opponents will take this responsibility and share it. As for ending the polarisation, it is also their obligation and responsibility. The ruling party and the Government alone can’t do that, if no real steps are taken by [the opposition]”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.